Portugal Getaway: Alvor, Luz, and Carvoeiro

Carvoeiro, Portugal by Jets Like Taxis

Good times in Portugal! In case you missed it, we escaped to Portugal earlier this spring in order to get away from the masses during Semana Santa. The holiday is all well and good, but once was enough for us.

During our stay in the city of Lagos, we spent most of our time doing little day trips to various villages throughout the Algarve. While it wasn’t beach-time weather, we still enjoyed the sand and sun, doing our best to walk around and sit in as many cafés as possible.

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Traveler Interview: Gigi Griffis

Gigi Griffis on Jets Like Taxis

Time for a new edition of our Traveler Interview series! This week, we’ve got Gigi Griffis on board to talk about her experiences traveling and living across the globe.

While we’ve known of and read Gigi’s work for a while now, we originally met her back in 2015 when she swung by Seville for a few days. We were fortunate enough to have a chance to hang out and have lunch during her short stay here. As she’s been doing this solo – along with her little dog, Luna – for quite some time, we think she has an interesting and unique viewpoint, and a lot of great info to share with all of you.

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Family Fun: Where to Eat in Seville, Spain

Casa Paco in Seville, Spain by Jets Like Taxis

Fooooooooooood! As noted in our previous post about what to do in Seville, Spain, this isn’t really a definitive list of where you should dine, or what you should stuff your face with when you visit this city.

It’s actually a rundown of where we ate when my sister and brother-in-law came to visit us earlier this year. This is not a comprehensive guide, this is not a ‘you must eat here or you failed’ situation, and this does not discount the hundreds of other tasty places in Seville.

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Family Fun: What to Do in Seville, Spain

Metropol Parasol in Seville, Spain by Jets Like Taxis

If you follow us on ye olde social media, you’re probably aware that my sister and brother-in-law came to town earlier this year for a visit. We naturally had a great time – as we do – and we want to share with you what we did while they were here.

Why? Because we want you to see some of our recommended things to do in this fair city. This is by no means a comprehensive guide to Seville. Nor does it encapsulate all the things you can or should see and/or do while you’re here. It’s merely what we did. Got it? Good!

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Traveler Interview: Tim Leffel

Tim Leffel in Cartagena, Colombia

We’re back with a new installment of our Traveler Interview series! It’s been a while since we posted one, so it’s really about time we get back to business.

Today’s chat is with someone who’s been at this travel writing and world travel game since most travel bloggers were just young pups. He’s written for countless magazines, runs his own blogs, and writes his own books. Also, he’s a really great guy who we’re honored to be able to call a friend.

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Recap: A Return Visit to Trebujena, Spain

Trebujena, Spain by Jets Like Taxis

As you may know if you read what we write here or keep up with us on social media and all that, my sister and brother-in-law came to visit us for a week here in Seville, Spain.

We managed to get into all kinds of fun experiences, but one of the top things that we had to do was take them to a bodega. And, since we have a friend whose dad has his very own, it was the perfect place to fawn over wine with them and have a down-to-earth experience.

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Santiponce, Spain: Monasterio de San Isidoro del Campo

Monasterio de San Isidoro del Campo via Wikipedia Commons

The first time we drove to the famed Roman ruins of Italica in Santiponce, a village just outside Seville, we saw what looked to be an old, run-down monastery. We didn’t really know what it was, so I asked a gas station attendant about it and he told us we could visit.

That was that, though, as we were headed back into the city and I more or less forgot about it until we returned to Italica when our family came to visit this year.

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Pit Stop: Valle del Jerte, Spain

Valle del Jerte, Spain by Jets Like Taxis

It was the end of summer, and it was time to head back to Seville from our three-month break in Oviedo, Spain. As we’re wont to do during drives, we decided to stop for a few days somewhere between the two cities.

So, looking at maps, and – more importantly – trying to find dog-friendly establishments in Spain, we landed in the Valle del Jerte region of Extremadura.

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