In Pictures: New Berlin, Texas

New Berlin, Texas by Jets Like Taxis

During our hunt for German-speaking communities in the Texas Hill Country on our “Fabric of America” tour, we spotted a town on the map called New Berlin. Considering our history, you know we just had to go there.

We figured, if we couldn’t find any German-speakers in Fredericksburg, Texas, maybe we could find some in New Berlin of all places? Even if there was only a .00001% chance that’d happen, we went anyway. Because, you know how we do.

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In Pictures: Fredericksburg, Texas

Fredericksburg, Texas by Jets Like Taxis

During our extensive “Fabric of America” road trip, one of the things we really wanted to do was explore Texas Hill Country, specifically the areas with a rich German tradition. Texas German is unfortunately fading out, but we figured we might be able to find some folks to talk with and experience some of the history in the area.

The focal point of Texas German country is the town of Fredericksburg, so we obviously thought this would be the place to start.

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Design Your Life: New T-shirts!

Express by Jets Like Taxis

In case you didn’t know, we are designers. And we make shirts. Occasionally, we get the itch to do Jets Like Taxis shirts, in case any of you want to be seen wearing such a thing. :)

We’ve just put up some new designs on freshism. One is a re-release of one of our “Fabric of America” designs with some new colourways, and the other is a new shirt based on a stencil we did many moons ago, which was originally used for old Jets Like Taxis stickers way back before we ever had a blog.

These, as well as our “Design Your Life” tees and tote bags, are available in multiple colors for all ages right here. If you buy anything on freshism, you’ll not only be supporting what we do, but you’ll be supporting independent artists and great people. So yeah, go do that!

Use coupon code JETS15 to save 15% off your entire order.

“American Girl Scout” T-shirt: Our sort of apocalyptic propaganda piece. Just a girl. With dynamite. And a flight mask. And devil horns. And a toy airplane. As mentioned before, this was originally a stencil (and a canvas), and her head was used on some old stickers of ours. Finally decided to put her on a shirt! Available in two colors for all ages.

American Girl Scout by Jets Like Taxis

“Express” T-shirt: As we travel full-time and such, we liked the concept of a postal-style design. This one is two colors and includes a globe along with banners that say “Design Your Life.” You can get it in black, brown, kelly green, and navy blue. Men, women, and kids, short- and long-sleeve.

Express by Jets Like Taxis

Express by Jets Like Taxis

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In Pictures: Flagstaff, Arizona

Flagstaff, Arizona by Jets Like Taxis

We can’t write about every place we go. It’s impossible. Well, maybe not impossible, but quite a stretch. So, we now have our “In Pictures” series, which catalogs some of our memories from places we’ve been that we didn’t write the full-blown, insanely wordy posts that we’re known for.

During our trip to the Grand Canyon on our “Fabric of America” tour, we stayed in the city of Flagstaff, Arizona. And when one thinks of Arizona, it’s usually the desert. Lots and lots of desert. And heat.

Flagstaff is completely different.

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In Pictures: Little Colorado River Gorge, Arizona

Little Colorado River Gorge in the Navajo Nation, Arizona by Jets Like Taxis

During our trip to the Grand Canyon on our “Fabric of America” tour, we were able to spend some time checking out the Little Colorado River Gorge in the Navajo Nation, which lies just southeast of the aforementioned massive tourist destination.

We didn’t actually know we were going there, but we ended up driving through during our return to Flagstaff from the Grand Canyon.

Stopping along the way, we met some very nice people who sold us some very nice handicrafts for our family. They were also happy to spend some time telling us about life in the Navajo Nation and the sights of the surrounding area.

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Art Files: Thiago Goms and Karina Toledo in Vienna, Austria

Thiago Goms and Karina Toledo at adhocPAD in Vienna, Austria by Jets Like Taxis

The art files! It shouldn’t really be a secret that we’re huge fans of contemporary art, from lowbrow to graffiti and more.

As we’re not really into visiting classical sites and museums, we often find ourselves seeking out the good stuff on the streets and in art galleries. Such is the case here in Vienna, as one of the first things we did here was to hook up with a longtime associate, Lilo, at his adhocPAD creative hub and gallery.

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Day Trip: A Visit to Bratislava, Slovakia

Bratislava, Slovakia by Jets Like Taxis

As you know, we’re currently in Vienna, Austria. As you might not know, it’s only about an hour from Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. Geography!

Being promoters of a very multicultural area that has us within striking distance of Slovakia, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Slovenia, the good folks at ÖBB – the Austrian rail company – have a bunch of regional promotions that allow for easy access to a bunch of cities in the region.

This makes it crazy easy to get to another country – culture, language, scenery, and all that – within a very short amount of time. Bratislava is the closest, so we picked up the ÖBB’s round-trip Bratislover (ha!) ticket for €15 and headed out there for the day.

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Hotel Review: Red Roof Inn in San Marcos, Texas

Red Roof Inn in San Marcos, Texas by Jets Like Taxis

Hotel time! After driving across the Great American Southwest on our “Fabric of America” road trip, we stopped in south-central Texas for several days to hang out and see the sights in Texas German country. We also wanted to relax for a few days, check out San Antonio, and see whatever else we’d stumble across.

We needed a base for this, and found some strategically-located digs in the city of San Marcos. This would be the Red Roof Inn – San Marcos, parked on the west side of I-35, giving it easy access to Austin, San Antonio, and smaller towns here and there.

This is a NextGen property, which means it’s been renovated to Red Roof’s new, fancier standards. Yeehaw!

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Vroom Vroom: Rally Mexico 2014

2014 WRC Rally Mexico by Jets Like Taxis

I’m not a big fan of car racing. But, the one type of racing that I do like is rally racing. Cars that are similar to what you can buy, jumping and drifting and basically going nuts on real roads – be it in the desert or through towns – is pretty dang intriguing.

I’m not a fan-fan, but I think it’s all really cool. Shortly after arriving in Guanajuato, Mexico, we found out that the World Rally Championship‘s Rally Mexico was being held in our own town. How about that?

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