Italica: The Roman Ruins in Santiponce, Spain

Italica Roman Ruins by Jets Like Taxis

‘Twas a gorgeous Saturday in Seville, so why not head just several miles outside the city to the town of Santiponce? While it’s mostly just known as a little suburb of the city, it’s also home to some of the most well-preserved Roman ruins in all the world. So, we jumped in the car with our friend, Pepe, and made a move to the northwest.

Most people – at least, most people we know, including us – have never even heard of Italica before. Yet, here it stands, over two millennia past its birth, as a fantastic example of what a striking Roman city once was.

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Holy Week: Semana Santa in Seville, Spain

Semana Santa in Seville, Spain by Jets Like Taxis

It’s that time of year. Carnival, Lent, Holy Week, Easter, and all that. Here in Spain, a lot of the same lenten traditions apply as in much of the Christian world, but in a much more serious manner which dates back hundreds of years.

You may have seen images like the above in the past. Men and women in pointed hoods, walking the streets with crosses or candles, and wondered, What the heck is going on? Well, it’s Semana Santa here in Seville and in many Latin American and Southern European areas. Semana Santa actually means Holy Week, so you can stop wondering about that right now.

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In Pictures: Savannah, Georgia

Savannah, Georgia by Jets Like Taxis

As we made our way to the east coast during our epic Fabric of America road trip, we thought we’d swing through the historic city of Savannah, Georgia. Ang’s sister was living there at the time, and we’d heard nice things about the town, so why the hell not?

I’m big on pretty cities, and Savannah is supposed to be full of that Southern Charm, alongside some great walking and what is apparently the town with the largest number of squares in the entire U.S. How about them apples?

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Read: “Pack Light” by Karen McCann

Pack Light by Karen McCann

Continuing on with this whole “reading books” thing, writer and expat Karen McCann of Enjoy Living Abroad has just released her newest book, Pack Light: Quick & Easy Tips for Traveling Everywhere with Exactly the Right Stuff. For the sake of brevity – no one has ever accused me of being brief – we’ll just call it Pack Light.

Quick summary: This book is, plain and simple, a swift read with about 50 tips on how to pack light and keep yourself mobile and happy while you’re on the road. As straightforward as it gets, really.

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In Pictures: Jerome, Arizona

Jerome, Arizona by Jets Like Taxis

During our Fabric of America tour, we stayed off the interstate for about 99% of the time, which allowed us to visit all sorts of places that most people miss. Besides not being bored to death by endless four-lane highways, we also got to see the ‘real’ America that’s a bit less touched by all the things that sprout up along the aforementioned interstates.

One of the cool towns we visited along the way was Jerome, Arizona. It’s certainly touched by tourism, but seems more than able to keep its character and history.

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Read: “A Better Life for Half the Price” by Tim Leffel

A Better Life for Half the Price by Tim Leffel

Books! I don’t think we’ve ever written about books here. This particular one is a doozy, so what better way to start writing about books than with one of the most comprehensive “living abroad” books we’ve ever read?

A quick summary: The book is called A Better Life for Half the Price, and its tag line is “How to prosper on less money in the cheapest places to live.” That’s a good summary of the book, but this guy is selling himself a bit short. The book is way more than that.

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