Cordoba, Spain

It's been quite a while since our last visit to Cordoba, Spain. That was waaaay back in 2013 with our pal, Cat. I swore I wrote a post about that visit, but I can't find it! Good thing we returned! Ha. Read more

Trebujena, Spain

Yeah, we've done Trebujena before. Multiple times, in fact! Alas, as this is a journal of ours, we're going to post about it again. We went back to this village a few months ago when my sister and brother-in-law, Heidi and Ben, came to visit with their friends, Kim and Jerry. Read more

Malaga, Spain

As most of you who read this are Anglophones, I'm going to assume you've heard of Malaga. After all, it's one of the top destinations in Spain for expats, and what most people have heard of when they hear of the Costa del Sol. Nearby Marbella is a haven for the English-speaking and otherwise (German, Scandinavian, etc.) population, and Malaga is therefore the commercial hub of this region. Read...

Seville, Spain: February 2018

Hey there! So, as we mentioned in previous posts, we've decided to do round-ups of our months in Seville or wherever else we are. The mundane, the daily lives, the experiences, etc. As this is just as much - if not more - a journal as it is a blog, we thought it'd be a good idea to put our "where we currently live" things into blog posts instead of our usual penchant for only posting about...

Seville, Spain: January 2018

Happy New Year! I know it's already February, but I can't really write a round-up of our January before the end of the month, now, can I? =P As noted in my Seville December post, I've decided that it's a good idea to write about our more "mundane" lives as well. The lives we live when we're not traveling, what we do when we're "home," etc. Read more

Seville, Spain: December 2017

Hey! Most of you know that we've spent the majority of our time in the great city of Seville, Spain, over the past few years. You might also notice that we rarely write about it. Read more

Cinco Jotas in Jabugo, Spain

Who likes pork?! You all know we do. And if you do, too, then you'll love this goodness. If you're a vegan or vegetarian, you might want to skip this post. Now, let's head to Jabugo, Spain! Cinco Jotas is probably the most famous of all the jamón ibérico makers in Spain, and certainly one of the highest quality. We were fortunate enough to be invited by a friend to visit their facility in the...

Trebujena, Spain

I don't like to rehash posts and repeat places we've been on the regular, but sometimes...I just gotta! Because we always have visitors coming and going, we often end up taking them to our favorite spots. And one of those is our friends' wine bodega in the village of Trebujena. You can read our other posts about Trebujena right here. In this post you're reading now, I just wanted to share some...

Olvera, Spain

On our return trip from the village of Setenil de las Bodegas, we decided to stop in the pueblo blanco of Olvera. This is yet another beautiful, hilltop village in Andalusia, and worth a stop. Read more

Zahara de la Sierra, Spain

A return to the pueblo blanco of Zahara de la Sierra, Spain! Yes, we already did a blog post about this picturesque village. That is true. Alas, we returned to Zahara with our German friends, and had a bit of a different experience that we want to share with you. Read more